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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

The senior leadership team of the school comprises of:


Mrs Dawn Herriott - Headteacher

Mr James Clay -Deputy Headteacher

Mr Steven Wingfield - Assistant Head

Mrs Karen Sherwin - Assistant Head

Child Protection Team:


Mrs Lynn Dove - Family Support Manager

Miss Kirsty Thorpe - Learning Mentor

Mrs Dawn Herriott - Headteacher

Mr James Clay - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Rachel Walker - School Business Manager

Classes are taught as follows (from September 2017):


     Class                 Teacher(s)                     LSA/HLTA                        


        Nursery                    Miss Gardiner                     Mrs Crosby / Miss Clamp   


        Reception            Mrs Buttery                                 Miss Booth

                                         Miss Thomas                                 Mrs Kilner


        Year 1                     Miss Clay                         Mrs Ash / Mrs Middleditch 1:1

                                         Miss Wade                                  Miss Knowles


        Year 2                     Mrs Sherwin                Mrs Hrintchuk / Mrs Fenton 1:1

                                         Miss Gregory                 Mrs Pollard / Miss Briggs 1:1


        Year 3                      Miss Spivey                 Miss Marnick / Mrs Harrington 1:1 / 

                                                                                              Mrs Jackson 1:1


                                        Mrs Hemingway                   Mr Heald / Mrs Murray 1:3


       Year 4                      Mr McVeigh                                    Mrs Riley


      Year 4/5                   Mrs Quirke                                    Mrs Riley


     Year 5                      Miss Tonge / Mrs Westlake           Mrs Waring


       Year 6                       Mr Wingfield                                 Mrs Colley           


Non class based staff : 


Mrs Sarchet

Mrs Lamb  

Miss McManus     



Office staff:


Mrs Walker - School Business Manager

Mrs Stringer - Finance / Administration Assistant

Miss Brown - Administration Assistant 


Buildings and Maintenance staff:


Mr Lockwood - Site Manager

Miss Taylor - Cleaning supervisor

Mrs Ward - Cleaner

Miss Gregson - Cleaner

Mrs Pearson - Cleaner

Mrs Athwal - Cleaner

Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff:


Mrs Hannah - Cook

Miss Taylor - Deputy Cook

Miss Gregson - Kitchen Assistant

Miss Rowlan - Kitchen Assistant

Miss Moore - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Sowden - Kitchen Assistant



Mrs Grayson - Lunchtime Assistant

Miss Hallgate - Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Ward - Lunchtime Assistant

Miss Allan - Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs McGuinness - Lunchtime Assistant