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Year 3 - 3GT

Mrs Hemingway – Class Teacher

Mrs. Riley and Mr Heald – Teaching Assistant


Useful information

Homework is due on Wednesdays. Please ensure reading books and reading records are in class every day.

Homework includes a list of spellings, a Maths activity every week, and 2 topic related tasks throughout each half term. It is important that pupils who are unable to accomplish these tasks at home seek in school support.


Updated Schedule

Monday – Indoor PE

Tuesday – Ukuleles Autumn 1, Spring 1, Summer 1

Wednesday – Homework is due

Thursday – Outdoor PE

Friday – New Homework is assigned



Subject updates

In Summer 1 'Flow' the children discovered many interesting facts about rivers. They gained insight into the features of different rivers from all around the world and rivers in our local area. We have read and sourced features in a Valerie Bloom poem 'The river' after which we wrote our own river poem using similar features. The children wrote a descriptive piece about a river monster and created a story with dialogue about the water cycle with a raindrop and the sun as the key characters. We had an informative visit from the River and Canal Trust to show us how bridges are built and maintained.


In Spring 1 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' we read Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl and learnt about the characters within the story. We wrote reports on chocolate and designed our own unique chocolate bars. We had some visitors in to discuss the importance of Fairtrade chocolate and show us where and how chocolate develops into a bar from a small bean. We also looked at healthy food and created fruit out of mod-rock and made fruit smoothies. During Spring 2 'Tremors' we discovered the dangerous and ferocious world of natural disasters and glimpsed their savage and deadly effects.


In Autumn 1 'Urban Pioneers', the children focused on writing letters using the book 'The Day the crayons quit' by Oliver Jeffers. We also learnt about graffiti artist Banksy, what our community looks like and focused on light and shadows in science. During Autumn 2 'Mighty Metals', the children are reading 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes writing character descriptions, poetry and newspaper reports. We will also find out about different types of metals and learn about forces and magnetism in science. Please engage with your children, at home, about the themes that we’re learning in school to encourage them to delve deeper and discover more.

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