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Goodbye My Friend

Silent Night - Not Quite

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Goodbye My Friend (Lyrics)

Year 6 - Applying for High School September 2018

Welcome to Year 6 - 6W!


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An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls 'They're On Their Way'

An Inspector Calls 'Deck The Hall'

An Inspector Calls 'Inspectors' Song'

An Insector Calls 'In One Ear (Out The Other)'

An Inspector Calls 'Rounders'

An Inspector Calls 'Splat The Rat'

An Inspector Call 'This Special Place'

An Inspector Calls 'Celebrate'

Blast From The Past Lyrics

Blast From The Past

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Social Media Safety

Graphic Narrative - Flashbacks

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As part of our English Unit this half term, we have been looking at Flashbacks. We focused on what they actually were and how we knew one was taking place both in writing and in film. We watched a range of animations and made inferences about the stories they told. The Piano was the first graphic narrative we worked on. Below are the other videos we used and following on will be examples of the voiceovers the children created for the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). We wanted to 'bring the stories to life.'

One Life - Amazing Animation by Corey Hayes (Song is 'Old Man' by Neil Young).mp4

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Shadow Act 1.mp4

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Shadow Act 2.mp4

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Disney Pixar Up Carl and Ellie Flashback.mp4

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Toy Story 2- When Somebody Loved Me..mp4

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